Date Lesson Numerology of #15 Match List

Date Numerology
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Beast Numerology of #15 Connections

Factorization: 3*5
5th Triangular
Sum of Divisors1+3+5+15
15th Prime: 47
15th Triangular: 120
Fifteen = 38/65 : 34/124 : 171/390

Year Numerology
  • Year Timeline of 1941: 1+9+4+1

Event Numerology Patterns
LA International Airport Shooting '02 Event
Ronald Reagan Died
  • 40th President
Trayvon Martin Shooting Event
Alan Rickman Died
  • Actor
Katie May Died
  • Playboy Model
Antonin Scalia Died
  • Supreme Court Justice
Oklahoma Tornado Disaster
Chyna Died
  • American Professional Wresler WWE
Dwayne Washington Died
  • Brooklyn Nets NBA Star
Meek Mill Concert Shooting Event
  • Wallingford, Connecticut
  • Coordinates: 41P/72M
Masaya Nakamura Died
  • Father of Pac-Man
Andy Marte Died
  • MLB Player
Greenbriar Mall Shooting Event
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Coordinates: 33P/84M
Alwin Jarreau Died
  • Jazz Singer
Quintin Moses Died
  • Former Oakland Raiders NFL
Damascus Twin Blasts Bombing Event
  • Bank Owner