Date Numerology Pathway Breakdown

  • Path A: m+m+d+d+y+y+y+y=numerology sum
  • Path B: m(m)+d(d)+y+y+y+y=numerology sum
  • Path C: (mm)+(dd)+(yy)+(yy)=numerology sum
  • Path D: (mm)+(dd)+(yy)=numerology sum

Written out next to a date: A(A):B(B):C(C):D(D)

EX: 07/24/1978 = 38:56:128:109

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

(DS) Date Lesson Sums Research

Click on any number above in the task bar to navigate to the date lesson sum page you are looking for, you will be directed to a list of events having the numerology summing to that number. Remember to look for matching number patterns relating to the subject, date or theme you are focusing on, the color categorizing may help with this and the ciphers are interrelated. So the same number or digits may be used for different things.

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